Its our constant endeavor to manufacture innovative products that are reasonably priced, less require maintenance, easy to operate and customer friendly. Some of our highly popular products, that are in demand all across the country, are:
We offer high performance Dry Type Transformers that are simple in design, easy to operate and require minimum maintenance. Our range of transformers includes:
Power Transformers
Single Phase Transformers
Custom Power Transformers
Three Phase Transformers
Dry Type Transformers
Double Wound Transformers
Isolation Transformers
Custome Trasformers
Auto Transformers
Electric Transformers
Scott Connection Transformers    
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We offer Dry Type AC/DC Chokes that provide solution to UPS systems. Our range of AC/DC Chokes
Single Phase Iron Core Chokes
Ferrite Chokes
Foil Wounded Chokes
Harmonic Filter Chokes
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No load loss and No load current
Full load loss and impedence loss
Insulation Resistance and insulation level
High Voltage Test
For AC/DC chokes, in addtion measurment of inductance by LCR Bridge and by voltage drop at full rated current.
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  1 Phase/3 Phase, auto/double
wound transformers
1 Phase iron core/Ferrite AC/DC choke
3 Phase filter chokes
Ultra Isolation Transformers
Scott Connected Transformers
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