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Established in 1997, Neha Tech Services has gained immense expertise in supplying & trading of Transformers, a/c & d/c transformers, a/c & d/c power transformers etc. The supplier company is located in Bhosari, Maharashtra and is one of the leading sellers of listed products. Buy Transformers, a/c & d/c transformers, a/c & d/c power transformers in bulk from us for the best quality products and service.

Globalization has thrown up new challenges, mainly by way of severe competition. As a result, improved and faultless designs have become crucial for optimizing the efficiency and narrowing the cost of the manufacturing industry. This feature has been aimed at Neha Tech Services.

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Isolation Transformers

This transformer is mainly used for wireless stations and with expensive medical equipment. The coupling capacity is lower because its primary coil is not crossed on the top of the other coil. Noise Cut-off (Ultra Isolation) The transformer removes noise so your machine can work with musical perfection.

Battery charger transformer

Be it your cellphone, emergency lights or vehicles that you have, the extensive use of batteries is evident everywhere. In inverters, Rechargeable batteries are widely used where the DC voltage is converted to electric AC voltage and is used to power household appliances during power failure

PS Invertor transformer

Invertor is your personal powerhouse, which is capable of changing any high DC current source into AC power that is ready for use, very similar to the power received from your home outlet.

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3 phase Chokes

Three choke lines allow reducing harmonics that occur when the main is corrected to create a DC link. Electric products also help reduce the extra current drawn by an inverter or another device. In addition, such products help target input rectifiers because of the main problem.

single phase Chokes

Being a market leader, we provide a variety of Single Phase Choke Lines for electricity use. Our company presents a high-quality 3 phase & single phase chokes made from quality raw materials.

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No load | open circuit test

On load | short circuit test

High Voltage Test

Meggar test | Insulation Resistance

For AC/DC chokes in addtion measurment of inductance by LCR Bridge and by voltage drop at full rated current.

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Neha Tech Services provides Custom Power Transformers which is best in quality.